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Fire Fighting Pump Set

Fire Fighting Pump sets - Highly efficient Pumping solutions for Building services

ERAM Pumps India is the Manufacturer and Supplier of Fire fighting pumps and Pumps set in Mumbai and all over India.

Fire fighting pumps can be manufactured for stationary purpose i.e., for sprinkler systems, hydrants etc. and also for transportation purpose i.e. as portable fire pumps or on fire-fighting vehicles

Main purpose of Fire fighting pumps is to quickly supply adequate water to extinguish a fire before it gets time to spread. Fire pump inputs are connected to a tank or reservoir or to an underground public water supply piping to allocate water flow at a higher pressure to the hose standpipes and sprinkler system risers.

'Fire Fighting Pump set manufactured and supplied by ERAM Pumps India are highly efficient Pumping solutions for Building and Commercial services.

We have a range of Fire Fighting Pumps like Electric Motor Driven Set, Jockey Fire Fighting Pump and Diesel Engine Driven Set