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Bore well Submersible Pump

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"Building and Commercial Bore well Submersible Pump"

ERAM Bore well submersible pump set 125 mm - (WBW5”) - Water filled
• Technical Data:

    • Flow     :   Upto 700 LPM
    • Head     :  Upto 47 ft
    • Power     : Upto 5 HP

• Application:

ERAM Bore well submersible pump set are used in Domestic and community water supply for various applications like ...

   • Water supply to high rise building, housing complex, villas / farm houses / gardens / nurseries
   • Hotels / fountains
   • Poultry farms, cattle farms and stud farms
   • Drip and sprinkler irrigation
   • Washing garages
   • Industrial applications

• Features:

ERAM Bore well submersible pump set have various features like ...

    • Wide voltage range available,
   • high quality winding wires to ensure reliability & capability to withstand wide voltage fluctuation
   • Provision of sufficient bearing supports at top, bottom and middle for better stability
   • Protection for top and suction bush by proper sand guard arrangement
   • Non return valve designed for minimum friction loss and water lubricated
   • Fully rewindable motor with 2.75 m 3 core PVC flat cable along with earthing provision

Bore well Submersible Pump